Project description

Trondheim Airport, Værnes is an international airport in Stjørdal Municipality near Stjørdalshalsen, in Nord-Trøndelag County, roughly 35 km east of Trondheim, Norway.

The airport accommodates roughly 4 million passengers and 60,000 take-offs and landings a year, making it Norway’s fourth-busiest airport.

Riegens delivered the new lighting solution for the international terminal.

Lighting solution

The lighting chosen for the international terminal was Concido Pendant LED. This luminaire was selected to meet the lux requirements, but also because the customer liked the shape of Concido Pendant as it is reminiscent of an aircraft engine.

The existing 150 W metal-halide lamps were replaced by 90 Concido Pendant luminaires (D/I 64W, 400 K) where the uplight is switched on constantly, whereas the downlight is controlled by a motion sensor.

Trondheim lufthavn Værnes

Trondheim lufthavn Værnes
Stjørdal 7500

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