Project description

Ryhaven is situated in the west part of Aarhus. Ryhaven is part of the ‘Østjysk Bolig’ housing association and comprises 124 terraced houses.

This section of the association has undergone a sweeping refurbishment project. Red brick buildings were demolished down to the footing and modern new buildings were built up, and 50 new youth-housing units were constructed at the same time.

The outdoor lighting was also refurbished using Riegens lighting solutions.

Lighting solution

Riegens delivered 130 CircLED Multi Lens soft luminaires (19 W, 3000 K).

CircLED is based on the latest LED technology and is a perfect solution for side streets and roads, public areas, parking areas and paths. CircLED combines energy efficiency, durability and precise light distribution without light pollution, and it is an ideal solution for retrofitting old mercury-vapour or sodium-vapour lamps.


Ryhaven 1-113
Aarhus V 8210

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Used products