Energy-efficient lighting

Energy-efficient lighting solutions are one of the quickest ways to save energy. First and foremost, carbon emissions are reduced, benefiting the environment.


At the same time, using an energy-efficient lighting solution can also have a significant positive financial impact.


The right solution will usually also mean significantly improved lighting comfort for users as well as a more practical solution.


The starting point is the well-known mantra: “The right light, in the right place, in the right amount, at the right time.” To this, we can add: “using the right energy-efficient technology”.



 Riegens has the expertise and experience to create energy efficient lighting solution.
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Numerous factors have to be considered when creating an energy-efficient solution:

  • The smallest possible W/m2 to achieve the required lighting level.
  • Motion sensors that switch off/dim the light when it is not needed.
  • Daylight control that switches off/dims artificial lighting when there is sufficient daylight to achieve the required lighting level.
  • Zoning to switch off/dim the light in large areas according to activity zones.
  • Efficient light sources that provide the ideal amount of light at lower wattage (lm/W), such as LED and T5 light sources, which also have a long service life.
  • Efficient ballasts for stable, flicker-free light with the maximum output from the light source, and a longer service life with a consistent illumination level throughout the service life.
  • Lighting and reflector technology to direct the light to the right place whilst also taking account of glare, colour temperature, etc.